16 December 2014

The surviving chicks

The tractors have been repaired and the survivors have been caught and put back inside coops and tractors safely ... here is the final tally.  All eight nuggets survived, mainly because they were sleeping under the roost (best seen in this posts's pics) which kept bear paws and mouths from getting too close.
all 8 nuggets (Cornish/Rocks)
 Here are eight obvious cockerels from the 23 assorted chicks.
8 cockerels from the assorted bunch
 Here are what I thought were five pullets yesterday, but in this morning's chilly air it looks more like four pullets and one cockerel.  This is also a great example of my poor photography (lack of!) skills.
probably 4 pullets and a cockerel
My neighbor just came over and said she lost a chick last night to the bear.  Hubby had a feeling after we had laid down, so he got back up, got dressed, and took the BB gun and Sure-Fire flashlight outside and ended up shooting at a "pair of eyes glowing" out in the darkness near the woodline where the bears have come and gone from.

My neighbor also brought us four homemade tamales, which we just ate for breakfast and enjoyed.  She asked if I planned to order more chicks soon, so I told her Ideal sends our the weekly sales email on Thursdays.  Hubby already said he would understand completely if I wanted to get more chicks ... he even said that Saturday night.  Now, to wait for just the right sale.

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