13 December 2014

Bantam chicken eggs

This past week, both of our bantam/Polish cross hens - both named Eileen because we cannot tell them apart - started laying.  I am surprised they didn't do bantie-sized pullet-bullets, but regular bantam size eggs.  Here is one of the Eileens in front of the five gallon bucket that serves as their nesting box with a regular golf ball in it.  The golf ball isn't just there for size scale, it's there so we know when one of the Eileens goes broody ... we figure she will be guarding that ball plus any fresh eggs.
one of the Eileens, a "new wave" bantam cross
We have not yet cracked open the first egg, as there are a couple regular eggs in front of it (first in, first out rule).

I tried to get a new pic of Corey, the new wave rooster, but he was not inclined to hold still for the auto-focus on the digicam.

Yes, the Eileens are named such after the song, "Come On, Eileen," but I thought for sure it was by Flock of Seagulls (no, they did, "I Ran") instead of Dexy's Midnight Runners ... because the feathers on top of their heads look like those wild hair-dos Flock of Seagulls had.  What the cluck, over?  Oh well, Eileen is a better name for those two than Seagull or Ran.

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