18 December 2014


Today is the big day.  Our house up in Tennessee closes this morning (on Central time though) and we will have enough to not only pay off that mortgage, but also the loans we used to buy this place.  While we had enough in savings to cover more than half the sale price here, the amount we did not have was too small for a mortgage so we simply did a secured loan on our pickup truck and a small signature loan.  By Monday morning, those should be officially paid off (allowing a day or two for paper/computer work).

No, this place is not a Taj Mahal, and yes, we have a couple neighbors we'd rather not associate with at all (the black bears, raccoons, pygmy rattlesnakes, and we have heard there are also bobcats and water moccasins around) ... but this place is now truly ours!  At least, as long as we keep current on property tax, but out here we actually see county services in the form of weekly garbage pick-up and road grading.

Ours.  It's time to make a sign for the corner of the driveway and the road.


Anonymous said...

That would be one sign I'd be SUPER proud of . . . not many people can achieve the status of being debt free (by choice, usually). Hats off to you!

dfr2010 said...

Thanks, eli. It still seems almost like a dream. It should feel real after the first, when we don't need to send out the mortgage note or loan payments!