05 February 2015

Another merry chase

So, Corey the black bantam rooster got out again.  This time he led us on an even longer merry chase than the first time, where we came home at dusk to find him trash-talking at Elf through the wire.  This time I was trying to catch him and put him in the carrier so we could move the pen to a different section of grass between the garden boxes ... and he slipped right past me and out into the yard.  Along with running around the chicken coop several times, he also ran around the garden boxes, across the driveway, around the electric perimeter (off until it gets darker), between the house and workshop, back to in front of the house, back behind the carport and shed, then back again to circle the coop and garden boxes ... and finally he ran into the pen's open door and began eating like nothing of any significance happened.

I don't know if tonight's episode of chasing a chicken looked funnier than when the last Cornish-Rock pullet did her Logan's Run, but boy am I glad that neither time we looked up to see a neighbor's teenager holding a camera.  In fact, the neighbor's teenagers seem to think we are either boring or weird ... good thing, because they could probably make some bank uploading that kind of video to YouTube.

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