24 February 2015

We have sprouts

We decided to use the two small greenhouses we've received over the past year or so to start things like tomatoes, peppers, and any other delicates that might need a headstart rather than constantly buying transplants (though obviously we still do, me in particular).  Hubby mentioned checking the little greenhouses out and we have sprouts!
hubby shimming the smaller greenhouse

catnip and something else in top tray
tomatoes in middle tray

middle and bottom tray both tomatoes
I'll need to look back to see what I planted in with the catnip in the top tray, but those two tomato trays have a mix of Brandywine, San Marzanzo, and Mortgage Lifter.  Which have sprouted?  Errr ... give me a couple months to figure that out.

That cabbage and chard transplants are looking happy and healthy in the compost.  Neither freeze nor chilly wind phased either of them.
45-day cabbage and Swiss chard
Now, for the final garden pic, my best-looking Florida broadleaf mustard green plant has decided to bolt, and in a very pretty fashion.  This is the one I particularly want to save seeds from.
FL broadleaf mustard plant bolting


Anonymous said...

Doesn't the site of those itty bitty sprouts just make your day! You've got a great selection there.

dfr2010 said...

My selection has grown (pun intended) so stay tuned.