23 February 2015

BLR Wyandotte chicks from Luanne

First up, the BLR stands for Blue-Laced Red, although mine are all black phase.  I separated the cockerels from the pullets the other week, but they have not exactly been cooperative about pictures until today.  The cockerels still weren't exactly thrilled with the concept, but I got a couple good pics of three out of the four.
Azar in the middle, with the secondary on the left
and the single-combed on the right

Another pic of Azar (middle), the secondary (left)
and the single-combed cockerel
Yes, one of the cockerels has a name, and now y'all can get a feel for why I named him for the regional Big Boy restaurant chain: he is visibly and significantly larger than the other three.  That is not all feathers, either, as I put my hands on all the boys yesterday, to their disgust.  (Ew!  A female touched us!)  Azar will be put in with the best of the hatchery pullets when they get old enough.

Now, for the pullet side of the equation: the girls were much more amiable about the whole visit.  Not only did I get some good pics, they let me touch them with a lesser amount of fuss than yesterday.  The nice tender green weeds just outside the bantie house helped their tolerance level.  LOL
all 5 BLR Wyandotte pullets
from 8 Acre Farm

four of the BLRW pullets, including the single-combed girl

the two biggest BLRW pullets from Luanne

all five BLRW pullets, with my favorite in front
I am thinking about naming that pretty and good-sized pullet in the front in the last pic Bertha.  She feels pretty solid under those fluffy feathers, although she is the least fond of being touched right now.  The four rose-combed girls will all go in with Feyd when they reach laying age.

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