27 February 2015

Volunteer acorn squash AGAIN

You might think, after a handful of years, that I might learn acorn squash seeds do not compost.  Well, it won't be this year again.  After digging in the nice beautiful almost-black compost pile a couple weeks ago, we now have a slew of volunteer acorn squash sprouts almost everywhere we used the compost.

In with the cabbage and chard.  Among the lettuces and collards.  Even in the compost pile itself.
acorn squash sprout towering over lettuce and collard sprouts

acorn squash sprout in between cabbage transplants

acorn squash sprouts in the compost pile
So far (knock on wood!) no sprouts in the seed trays in the greenhouses, although I used compost in those also.  Maybe this year, we'll get a couple acorn squash before the local wildlife does.  It could happen.

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