10 February 2015

Kitchen work

Today is an all-day cooking marathon here.  Already started orange marmalade two days ago, and have a crock pot going with ketchup, some of which will be further converted to barbecue sauce.  Also on the list are grapefruit marmalade, flour tortillas, and ... bread pudding with orange-soaked dried cranberries.  I'll also zest the peels and juice the rest of the oranges.  We had to toss some out due to fungus/mold/whatever fuzzy growth, so I need to get my (*donkey*) in gear and get them put up.  Live, learn, and compost the mistakes.

1 comment:

dfr2010 said...

Evening tally:
tortillas - done
ketchup - over half done
marmalades - made but not water bathed

That is all my back will tolerate.