27 February 2015

Strawberry SCORE

Just got back from grocery shopping, and our local Winn-Dixie has strawberries on sale for $1.69 per pound!  I haven't seen a sale price that low in a couple years ... we won't mention how many years it may or may not have been since I saw that as a regular price.

Six pounds of strawberries.  A 25 pound bag of sugar on sale.  Two dozen new "quilted" half-pint jelly jars on sale.  The gal running the checkout commented, "You're going to make jam!"  Hehehe.  Then out in the parking lot, one of the baggers walked up and offered me a helping hand, and immediately noticed all the strawberries, the jelly jars, and the big bag of sugar.  "Oh, wow, you're making jelly.  My great-grandma did that all the time!"   When I protested that I am no quite that old, he chuckled and explained: "Great-grandma is a hundred now.  She lived through the Depression, and she had so many skills!"  There sounded like a note of awe in his tone.

So, now a few minutes to rest after my successful hunting trip ... then the processing of the strawberries will commence.

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