01 March 2015

Six pounds of strawberries put up

So, I finished putting up all those strawberries I bought on sale Friday.  Since my recipe had two versions - smooth and chunky - and the recipe uses three pounds of strawberries, it made sense to try each version out.  Neither one came out as jam-like as I had planned.  Each version, I took off the heat a little too soon to gel right, just like the problem with the orange marmalade.  The half-pints are still useful, though.  I'll just use them one things like cheesecake, shortcake, roll cake, and pancakes.  They are more syrup than jam.
smooth and chunky strawberry syrup, not jam
My plan is now to go back to the grocery after we've eaten lunch, and get another three pounds of strawberries to try again.  This time, I will make a batch halfway between smooth and chunky, cutting the strawberries up smaller (recipe recommended whole, I quartered these and they were still huge) but using the set of instructions for the chunky style.  Here's hoping they are still on sale, because I am now determined to make actual jam.

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