27 March 2015

Salad days are here again

This year's designated salad box - planted from seed this time - is ready to contribute to the table!  Two kinds of lettuce and then a few baby small chard leaves as well.  The hens contributed the eggs hubby hard-boiled the other day.  What better way to kick it off than with a piece of prime rib hubby's dad sent home with him from New Year's get-together.  That's marinating in the back fridge, hopefully happily soaking up the port.  Fresh sliced mushrooms were marked down at the grocery Wednesday, and twice-baked potatoes will round out the dinner line-up.  It is also supposed to turn cold behind the last wave of rain, so this is the best time to roast some beast in the oven.

Here is the salad box, before pillaging.
this year's salad box: 2 kinds of lettuce planted,
1 volunteer green romaine, collards, and of course
volunteer acorn squash
I was intending to take a pic after the pillaging, but honestly I really didn't put that much of a dent in the leaves to be noticeable.

I intend to pretty much strip the kale plants, and the Swiss chard plants, tomorrow morning for dehydrating.  I want to get them before they bolt, and preferably on a morning it's cool.  Kale rocks when it's dried, then crumbled into scrambled eggs or a broth soup.  Oddly, the chickens don't seem to care for it ... they always tear through the turnip greens though.

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