20 March 2015

Chicken City!

We've been working on the gardens and chicken "housing" for two weeks now. We've planted beans and corn. We've started two new compost piles or maybe it's three. Our first compost pile (Or is that oldest?) was flattened out for the corn. They really seem to like it.

Chicken Tractors.
Right now we have 8 tractors we finished two yesterday and moved some of the birds from other tractors and hutches into their new homes.  It's funny how terrified they are just to be put into a spot, more or less, just like the ones they left. But it all worked out ok. We also set up the extra Electric Netting I think each net is about 164 feet long.  It took a little bit to get it sorted out.
The tractors are all in a row now except for one which is still out of place right now. We have to rake more of the future compost out of the way to clear a path for it. I started that yesterday.

We have parts for two more tractors which I will start next week we should have them done in two weeks, I'm not planning to rush them out. But they will be ready for the new chicks to move into next month.
I feel like I am always behind schedule, there's always more to do.

Enjoy the pictures!
the Keepers, most still need names

Chicken City view from the shade

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