16 March 2015

Caponizing: T minus thirty-six hours

Getting ready to try again on the red broiler cockerels, so the countdown will start tonight as the sun goes down.  I will put two into the old dog crate set up on a couple pieces of scrap wood, and they will be without food until after the caponizing.  Tonight and all day tomorrow, they will get water with some Nutri-Drench vitamin solution, then tomorrow evening as the sun sets I will put them into a cat carrier without water, then caponize Wednesday morning.  So they will be without food for 36 hours, and without water for 12 hours.  This is to make the intestines as empty as possible, and the mild dehydration will cause vasoconstriction which will help reduce bleeding.

Stupid spell-check does not recognize the word vasoconstriction ... I guess that should not surprise me considering how many other biology terms it wants to correct, especially microbiology terms and names.

No guarantee on pictures, as I will have my hands full and may even have hubby help me hold the little monsters.  An interesting note: one of the gals at the little local hardware and feed store I like to buy scratch from knows what caponizing is and what it involves.  She is impressed I am trying it.

Another note: I should probably have hubby set up the bucket-pluckit in case I nick the vena cava.  (Stupid spell-check doesn't recognize vena cava either. Must have really failed A&P class.)

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