24 March 2015

Caponizing cancelled this morning

I woke up this morning with my back hurting ... not the usual midback, but the lower back that has been flaring up since clinicals in the spring of 2010.  So, I took that nansy-pansy weak pain pill VA gives me now, but no dice.  Then, as I was finally getting dressed, my back spasmed.  So, the caponizing is cancelled since I will not do it with back spasms, nor will I attempt it on my muscle relaxant, which does work decently.

So, the two Wyandotte cockerels are back in the chicken hutch with food and water, as the weather report indicates Saturday morning is my next window of opportunity.

Generalized rant:  This sucks, but ya know I am on VA disability for a real reason, even though SSA decided against me.  Even after a decade of midback pain, and now half a decade of lower back pain on top of that, I still feel so frustrated when I must alter my plans due to being broke-(*donkey*) and infirmed.  My usual vent is: "I was strong enough and healthy enough to send off to war!"  Nevermind that Iraq was a total Charlie-Foxtrot (that's a polite way of saying cluster ****) and meant absolutely nothing to the stupid-(*donkey*) politicians who sent us to get messed up, and that's those of us who returned.  Now, we have VA taking away meds that work, even from those of us who were NOT dependent on them but used them sparingly and wisely.  Instead, we get classes on using magick to help us cope with pain.  Those of y'all who know me, know I believe magick is real and can and does work ... but that doesn't mean I need to resort to it when a simple little Oxycodone pill would be more effective and faster.  I do have that little battery-operated TENS unit, that puts mild electrical pulses into my skin and muscle, and that will be getting put to use in the next few minutes.  So, things/substances I know for certain work, I cannot obtain legally.  What the cluck, over?  There are days when I just want to give the local and federal levels of government the old one finger salute, sounding off with the appropriate vulgar phrase ... and today is one of those days.

So, on that note, I should probably cut this short.  Some of y'all know through experience that I can go on like this for quite a while.

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