03 March 2015

My WONDERFUL birthday present cookbook

My mom conspired with my sister up there in Indiana, and I now finally have a copy of the cookbook I have been attempting to get from Mom since I was about 18 ... so 24 years.  Mom's copy is regular bound, with the obligatory packing tape on the spine (many I had found online were the same) and if you stand it up on its spine and allow it to fall open, you will find one or the other of the two best-est recipes in it: Hot German Potato Salad and Sweet-and-Sour Meatballs.

The copy I received from my sis is ring-bound, which means I won't be needing the strapping-style packing tape to hold it together.  It also means this copy won't automatically fall open to either recipe ... but I can live with that.

Sis bought this for me - but hubby is now LOVING this present.  The first recipe I made from it was (of course!) the hot German potato salad, and I have also made it for the in-laws.  Father-in-law stated before the meal that the "only" way to get really good German potato salad involved a plane ticket to Frankfort, yet once he tried it, we didn't hear another peep out of him about that.  Instead, he quietly went back for a large second helping.

Last night, hubby had the sweet-and-sour recipe for the first time.  Instead of meatballs, I used extra thick pork chops (BOGOF score) and also added carrots.  He cut the one pork chop into bite-sized pieces, while the other is waiting in the fridge.  Hubby said he kept thinking about the red dipping sauce Chinese style sweet-and-sour, despite my attempts to describe a more Hawaiian style in the recipe, but once he had a couple good bites of it, he loves it.  I told him about how the recipe calls for meatballs, which he says sounds delicious, but that growing we used to on other meats and cuts.  It sounds like he wants to try all the possible variations I can come up with.

Now, here is the Book, and the two favorite recipes:
Betty Crocker's Cookbook, originally published 1969

Hot German potato salad recipe, page 140

Sweet-and-Sour Meatballs recipe, page 29
Considering I needed to put all the page back on the rings when I first got it, I suspect my sister scanned or copied the cookbook.  Those are the pages to check, Sis!

For everyone else, if you can get a decent readable copy for less than $25, do it.  These two recipes alone are worth it.


Anonymous said...

That's too funny. I was given the "ring-bound" version of the same book for a wedding gift back in 1986. It's been used a lot over the years . . . mostly by my better half. :-)

dfr2010 said...

eli, if your personal chef has not yet made the hot German potato salad or the sweet-and-sour meatballs, you should put those on the request list!

My mom got her original copy as a wedding gift from Grandma, IIRC, so she has had hers since about mid-1970. My friend up the highway also has a copy, except hers lost the entire cover years ago.