21 March 2015

Quick update 21 March

For every light there is a shadow, and every good gets balanced with some bad ... Yesterday was the equinox, where day and night were balanced.  While the chicks are all doing great, and the gardens are exceeding our expectations, the bad happened this morning when Elf died.  We noticed he looked "off" Wednesday, and so I began to medicate him with penicillin shot in the evening.  At first, it looked like he would recover, but yesterday he took a turn for the worse and he died in my hands this morning when I picked him up to see if he was still breathing.  Here is our last picture of him, taken Thursday evening when we thought he'd recover.
Elf, the bantam rooster
We didn't have him for very long.  We didn't know how old he was, and neither did Lynn as someone gave him to her a while back just as she gave him to us.  He was just that much of a little character ... we will miss him puffing out at Feyd through the wire and strutting around with those hilarious feathered feet that looked like elf boots.

I'll do a bigger planting update later - lots of seeds going into the dirt and quite a few sprouting out of the dirt as well.

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