25 May 2015

Broody bantie!

One of the Eileens went from zero to bitchy just like that.  She came down from the nest box in the bantie house for dinner, then was back on the two unfertilized eggs and the golf ball.  It took both of us to get those eggs out from under her - and hubby wore heavy leather gloves for his own protection - and then we slipped four eggs from Feyd's tractor under her.  She was definitewly broody, as she was hissing like an upset cat and growling like a territorial dog.

I had said I wanted bantam hens so broody we'd need bomb squad gear to go in for eggs (taking or leaving or both).  I now have gotten my wish!  Set four eggs tonight, so in three weeks we should have our first chicks for Feyd's test breeding to see if he has the recessive gene for single comb.

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