03 May 2015

Little chicks pics

So I made a conciliatory gesture to the digicam (as opposed to my usual gesture) and have a few pictures of the little chicks, including a couple of the Wyandotte babies I got from Luanne on Tuesday.  These pics were taken Wednesday.
a couple splash Silkies and a couple Wyandottes

a Cackle Wyandotte pullet with her face in the feeder

a single-comb blue Wyandotte in front,
Silkies and Gold Wyandottes behind
Most of the Wyandottes I bought from Luanne are actually only one week old in these pics, even though they are pretty much the same size as the two week olds from Cackle.  At least one of the single comb Wyandottes is a blue phase!

The Silkies are absolutely adorable ... but they may not be as vigorous as the Wyandottes.  I had a second dead Silkie chick this morning, and like the other it looked like it simply got crushed under the pile-up beneath the heat lamp.

I thought of a name for the black sex link pullet who started laying yesterday: Beetle.  While she looks jet black in the shade, in sunlight she looks iridescent beetle green.  Beetle has the distinction of being the only single comb chick so far to fool Maria, who thought she might be a cockerel.

Interestingly, Maria thinks one of the New Hampshires Luanne gave me is a pullet, and both of the black Americaunas.  I guess time will tell, although Luanne is certainly more familiar with her birds and I wonder if that many chicks could fool her.

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