31 May 2015

May eggs

For the month of May, we had two pullets start laying - Beetle on the 2nd and Blackie on the 23rd - for eight to ten layers, with two going broody - Eileen-dark set four eggs on the 25th and one of the Wheaties set five on the 29th.  So, kinda-sorta eight layers laid 183 eggs in 31 days, and nine of those are set.

I am also going to be selling extra eggs, to my friend Lynn up the highway who has a commercial plant nursery and regular egg customers.  If she gets too many eggs laying around, all she needs to do is put out a sign on the highway.  She already gave me a boxful of empty styrofoam dozen-egg cartons to fill, and even with fifteen more pullets that should start laying next month I figure it will take me a while to fill those cartons.  With fifteen more pullets starting to lay in the next six weeks, I needed to find somewhere to sell eggs.

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