02 May 2015

Five hours of Spanglish

I had everything just about ready to caponize the last four Ideal Wyandotte cockerels when my neighbors showed up in their pickup, telling me we had to go because the feed mill closes at noon on Saturdays.  So hubby put the cockerels back into the isolation crate for me while I changed into non-work clothes.  ("Ay!  Necisito cambiar mi ropa!"  No ... esta bien.  "No, necisito cambiar porque estas son work clothes.")  Then I hopped into the cab of the pickup with both my neighbors (regular size cab, not an extended or crew cab) and up the highway we went.

The feed mill turned out to be two counties over, and over 70 miles away, so between the drive time and the buying part, I had to sink or swim in mostly Spanish, although as usual I will say my neighbors' English is still better than my Spanish.  We did have good conversations about chickens, food, and cooking.  Apparently we both tend to remember/learn words about food and cooking better than most things!  LOL

It was a fun little adventure, and the price difference made it worth driving so far as I bought fifteen 50-lb bags of chicken feed for less than I could buy ten locally.  Now that I know where it is, I can drive next time.  I bought their lunch, which was no hardship as Maria wanted McDonalds.

Oh, one of the black pullets Maria traded me a few weeks ago for a couple meaty cockerels laid her first pullet bullet this afternoon, right after Maria had come over and remarked she ought to start laying soon.  One of the Wheaties laid today, after a couple days of adjustment, and Maria thought the blue-green egg was just the neatest.  One Wheaties lays a more sky-blue while the other lays an almost greenish-turquoise.

For the record, the digicam and I are not getting along very well this week.  Eggs for dinner again tonight, since we didn't get our nice big breakfast.

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