21 May 2015

Solar oven prototype

Hubby and son put this most of the way together last week, and I put the foil in this morning and now it's in direct sunlight to see how warm it gets inside.  I have an oven thermometer in it.
prototype solar oven
Right now, this is only a cardboard box inside of another cardboard box, with the lid of a display case on top and aluminum foil on the inside.  It's not as if we don't still have plenty of cardboard moving boxes out in the shed ...

I didn't blog much last week, due to my son's week and a day visit.  Of course, the weather was a little less than ideal, but it was great having my kiddo around for a short while.  He and hubby also put together another chicken tractor, and helped me pull some larger weeds from the back of the house.  For most of the week my back was iffy ... which probably made me a bit less fun to hang out with, but I was really trying not to be too grumpy.

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