05 May 2015

Three more capons and another maybe

This morning I finished up the January batch of Gold-Laced Wyandotte cockerels from Ideal.  Out of the last four, I feel confident three are capons, and one is a maybe-slip.  The last one may have had a piece of teste fall back behind the intestine, but I could not see for sure and that boy was getting quite cranky by that time.  Chickens don't seem to be very fond of the fasting idea.

This brings my total for the Ideal GLWs to seven capons, two maybe-slips, and one probably-slip.  Not bad numbers.  There is one still cockerel, in with the red broilers, but he seemed to remember the first time around and would not hold still for a second try.

I moved Spikey and the four biggest and brightest Ideal Wyandotte pullets into the tractor with the three black phase Wyandottes from Luanne so they can get used to each other.  None of the black phase cockerels has started kazoo crowing just yet, but it ought to be pretty soon.  The new Wheaties seem to be trying out various corners and cubbyholes in the broody tractor, so hopefully they'll get settled in and decide to set nests soon.

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