30 April 2015

A second capon and a probable slip

Another morning of chickening, and another round of learning through experience.  I had four candidates this morning, and while all four are still alive, I have one likely slip (incomplete capon, where some tissue remains and will grow back), one capon, and two full cockerels.  The probable slip is the half-capon from last week, and the second teste broke apart and I could not locate all the pieces.  The capon was the second one I did, also one of the Ideal Poultry GLWs, and while his testes broke also, I was able to keep track of them inside the membrane and get them out.  I learned from one of the old capon downloads that twisting the teste before pulling it out cuts down on bleeding, and it certainly helped contain the pieces.

About those full cockerels: the one is the full cockerel from last week, and he was not going to have anything to do with trying that surgery idea again.  The other is the runt of the red broilers, and pretty much all the red broilers are too jumpy for caponizing.  Perhaps someone who is a lot better at caponizing could do them, but that is not me.  So all the red broilers, plus the very uncooperative Wyandotte, are now in a tractor by themselves and will just be pulled out for slaughter.

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