09 April 2015

Acorn squash blossoms

For the past few mornings, I have had new acorn squash blossoms to look at.  The blossoms last less than 24 hours, so they really are a flash in the pan, so to speak, although we have not yet tried them as food.
first acorn squash blossom
 This very first squash blossom had a node under it, and it looks like it set into our first squash.  Several other blossoms have only been atop simple stems, and I am wondering if squash does male and female blossoms.  Something to look up when the rain hits soon.
new acorn squash blossoms amid the lettuce
My back has been all out of sorts this week, and part of it is my own fault for procrastinating way too long to order refills from the automated phone-tree hell VA has.  Ya know, there are over 7 billion people in this world, yet it takes the better part of an hour to get a live one to pick up the line at the VA.  This is not unique to this region: I had the same issue in Tennessee.  There is nothing quite as dehumanizing as needing to key in seven prescription numbers and having that recorded voice droning on over the phone speaker.  No, I usually do not get the numbers keyed in correctly each time, then it tells me there is no such prescription and I need to start back at that branch of the phone tree/flow chart.  This time, I will be certain to gather up the refill papers and snail mail them in ... I know hubby had a look on his face when I finally gave up on the refill thing while trying to get an actual person because they put the sticker on the box and not the bottle of one of them.  Oh well, I get what I pay for with VA.

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