14 April 2015

Chicks again

Twenty hours before USPS tracking said they'd get here, I received a call from my local post office saying, "You have a noisy box here now!"  I was already on my way there to give them fair warning about a noisy box expected tomorrow morning ... he thought that was amusing.  Apparently, my chicks arrived at Orlando this morning at just the right time for a considerate clerk to tuck it in on the express van headed here.  I have one extra Wyandotte in the bunch, for 26 gold-laced Wyandotte pullets and 15 straight run splash Silkies.  OK, the Silkies really are that cute!
gold-laced Wyandotte and splash Silkie chicks
Now, for a couple pics from Sunday morning, when Beardie decided to test his boundaries with me and flared when I went into the tractor to get Penny's egg (she is still laying in the back corner!).  Prior to this, I had merely picked him up, but this time, I picked him up, tucked him in the crook of my arm with him on his back, and carried him around until he quit struggling or trying to nip me.  I had warned him: "Mess with me and I will pick you up and pet you and carry you ... and name you George!"  Bugs Bunny joke ... he is still named Beardie.
"And I will hug him, and squeeze him ..."

"... and pet him and love him, and name him George."
The past couple days have been wonderfully peaceful while getting Penny's egg (still in the back corner of the tractor) with Beardie just watching us, clucking at us, but not flaring, flapping, or trying to kick.  He doesn't need to like us coming into the tractor, but he does need to mind his manners when we do.


Mother Hen said...

I found your blog through Homesteading Today, I am 'themotherhen' . The chicks are so cute! I can't wait to get mine in May. I have been reading some of your past posts, and I assume you are further south than me (Ohio) since you plant earlier than me. I am so glad I found your blog! Enjoy your chicks!

dfr2010 said...

Welcome, Mother Hen! Yes, I am quite a bit further south than you - down on the Florida peninsula.