29 April 2015

Chicken update 29 April

Glossing over stuff right now, as there has been more serious chickening here.  Yesterday hubby and I went to Luanne's to pick up some more black phase BLR Wyandottes and two broody wheaten Americauna hens, and came home with some free cockerels in addition.  Twenty new chickens total:

  • four single comb Wyandottes, we didn't check the color.  Either they'll be dinner or they will contribute to my meatie line.
  • five black phase Wyandottes, one older (5 weeks old?), maybe one or two at 2 weeks old, and either 2 or 3 week olds.
  • the two "Wheaties", both two years old and both proven broodies with minor feather color faults.  I think Luanne said she has some progeny to continue working with, and doesn't need these two anymore.
  • two "olive egger" cockerels, one larger than the other.  The smaller one has already moved next door and the larger one is now named Bubba and he's in with the wheaties in the new broody tractor.
  • six assorted cockerels for caponizing practice: some Americaunas, a couple New Hampshires, a Marans (mix?), and a Welsummer.
Twenty new in yesterday, three went next door this afternoon (along with some garden beans), and Beardie is now in the back refrigerator chilling.  The attitude adjustment was only temporary.  I should not need a chair and a bullwhip to get eggs, and Beardie was not as unique as he may have thought.
the two wheatie hens, the smaller cockerel, and Bubba in back

the successful capon, in with capon cadidates
We had to move the capon in with the smaller chicks, as we put him in with four his own age and they had him hiding in a corner.  The pullets in particular went after him.  He leaves the younger chicks alone for the most part, and they seem to be intimidated just enough by his size to not go after him.  The capon will peck a bit over food, but nothing harsh enough to worry.  He seems mostly preoccupied with eating, dust bathing, and lounging in the shade in peace and has been off by himself this afternoon.

Oh, we got our first blue egg yesterday before we even got the birds home.  One of the wheaties laid in the carrier, and the other laid this evening once Mula, Ninny, and the smaller cockerel went next door.  Oh yeah, Mula and Ninny went home LOL back over to Maria's who originally sold/traded them to me one and two years ago.  Those two transformed into the Red Devil hens tag team as soon as they were away from Feyd.  Including the late blue egg, we got nine eggs today as Mula and Ninny laid early this morning then refused to let the Wheaties too close to the bucket.  Those two also had both cockerels running scared whenever they even twitched.

Tomorrow starts a three morning caponizing marathon, as I have a dozen more 14 week old cockerels to fix, including one who has been hiding out in the pullet tractor.

And yes, the IS the short version.

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