24 April 2015

I may have a capon

This morning I had three cockerels in isolation for caponizing.  Now I have one still all-cockerel, one half-capon, and one possibly full capon!  The half-capon is marked with a blue zip tie around his ankle, while the possibly full capon has a green zip tie, but of course he took a step as I snapped the pic, and it doesn't show.
Wyandotte possible capon
Even if he is a slip, it will take quite a while for his teste to grow back.  Yes, chickens can grow them back, if there is enough tissue left inside.  On both him and the half-capon, the first teste came out without a hitch.  On the half-capon, I could not get a hold of the second teste, as there was a blood clot in the way.  On the possible full capon, the second teste broke into three pieces ... at least I hope it was only three pieces.  The three pieces I pulled out equaled the size of the first teste.

Now, I get to watch him closely.  In a few days, his comb and wattles ought to go back to chick-pale, and he should calm way down and decide his sole purpose in life is to eat and get big.

I am going to caponize (or at least attempt to) all the cockerels from Ideal that I got in January.  I decided against keeping any of the red broiler cockerels, and also against keeping any of the Gold-Laced Wyandotte cockerels because they are on the scrawny side for Wyandottes.  The pullets aren't impressing me much, either.  Ah well, it was worth a try and Ideal is the southern-most major chick hatchery to my knowledge.  I'll have to see how well the four largest GLW pullets lay.

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