01 January 2015

A new year

This morning I awoke to the sound of my two roosters crowing, just as they do every morning.  That was the main reason we did not stay up last night to "ring in" the new year like most.  I turned the new calendar on the wall to January, made up a pot of chocolate coffee, took the dog out, fed the cat, then fed all the chickens.  The chicks are outside my window scratching and pecking, while the roosters are strutting around the rampart while the hens scratch and dig.  It's only partly cloudy, so the sunshine peeks through to brighten a patch and the wind has slowed to a mild breeze.

A normal morning, yet hubby and I are both in rather cheerful moods even before the first pot of coffee is consumed.  After the wild roller coaster month of December, it feels as though the new month and new year are full of promise.  For the past couple years we have been discussing dreams and schemes of what to do when we are out of debt.  Now those dreams and schemes can move into the realm of concrete plans.

Happy 2015, everyone.  For us, the new year has the promise of a new adventure.

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Anonymous said...

. . . I'm looking forward to reading about those adventures!