05 January 2015

From the front porch

For those of y'all up in the Frozen North ... I snapped this from the front porch, after listening to the chicks make happy noises through the open windows, dressed in capri length jeans and wearing a cotton button-up shirt as a light jacket.  Yes, that is still-green grass.  This morning is much cooler than the past couple mornings, as it's only in the lower 60s.
cockerels pecking and scratching
The chicks are pretty energetic this morning, after a weekend of humid 80F plus with overnight lows only in the lower 70s.

Like last year, we are forecast to get an actual cold front this week - and may even get frost.  This will be perfect for a mess of baking.  I have enough bread heels to do up more cinnamon cranberry bread pudding, plus there is a birthday cake to bake.  There is a nugget to roast (as soon as we pluck the last bit of feathers off it) and still five more to slaughter.

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