29 January 2015

Juveniles and week old chicks

We played musical chick tractors this morning, moving Beardie and the pullets into the bigger tractor, the two barred/mottled cockerels into the old dog crate (our original tractor!), and the three remaining cockerels into the triangle tractor.  The two in the dog crate have a date with destiny (and likely dumplins) come Sunday or Monday.  I am going to try the milk-soaked scratch experiment with these two, since the previous two Cornish-Rocks were a bit too old to be able to tell much (plus my neighbor feeds her chickens differently than we do).
2 cockerels, awaiting their date with destiny

rearranged juvenile tractors, behind the electric fence

Finally, a few chick pics, since I have had these cute little monsters for a week now.
red broiler chicks at one week

Ideal hatchery gold-laced Wyandotte chicks

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