19 January 2015

Chicken n dumplins

I have had chickens on the brain in one form or another the past few weeks, so it is probably no surprise that the pint of stock that didn't seal plus what was left over from canning up eventually made its way into hubby's absolute favorite form of chicken: simmered with veggies and drop dumplins.  Oh, food pic alert: do not view on an empty stomach.
plate of dumplins on a cool evening

chicken and dumplins on the stove
recipe for dumpings
The last pic is for my little sis, who has been working on doing more cooking from scratch.  She also conspired with Mom to get me a GREAT birthday present: a 7th printing of the 1969 Betty Crocker's Cookbook, in binder form so I won't need to tape the spine.  This particular edition has the ultimate hot German potato salad recipe in it, and is worth hunting down just for that.  I've only been trying to borrow/steal my mom's for the past 24 years ... now her original (packing tape on the spine) edition is safe from me.


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Oh man . . . that looks delicious!

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