16 January 2015

Canned chicken and stock

As promised, pics of the pressure canned Cornish-Rock chicks - three pints of leg and wing meat, and seven pints of carcass meat and stock with a carrot and a couple cloves of garlic sliced up and simmered with the carcasses.
ten total pints of canned chicken and stock

leg and wing meat in the wide mouth pints
stock in regular pints
I had two lids not seal - one wide mouth and one regular.  I am not yet sure why, but that is a poor rate of sealing (80%).  We'll just use those two up quickly.  Right now they are in the refrigerator.


Maggiesdad said...

If you don't let them come back down slow enough, they will blow the liquid contents... then the chicken fat keeps the rubber ring from sealing. Some jars look pretty low on juice, so that would be my guess.

dfr2010 said...

Maggiesdad, I learned the other year to let the canner cool on its own the hard way ... blew out a quart jar quite messily. The ones that look low on juice were the cold-pack meat pints, and my pressure canner instruction book said not to add water to them. The fat inhibiting sealing is a possibility, as I did not skim it off because there was so very little.