21 January 2015

Getting ready for new chicks

I am so excited ... I received an email last evening saying the chicks had shipped, so they may be here tomorrow morning!  Cute, fluffy, peeping little cheepers again - I love it.  This morning I swept out the shed, then moved the brooder tubs back in and spread the pine shavings.
there really are 5 pullets in this shot
2 are going for a bug at the very bottom of the pic
brooder tubs ready to go again

the 5 remaining assorted cockerels
The 12-week-old chicks out in the tractors weren't feeling very cooperative with the picture idea.  First they were all lounging in the shady part of the tractors after stuffing their crops on lunch, then they would not hold still and I felt lucky to even get all five in each pic.

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