24 January 2015

Sure fooled me

Apparently, I do indeed have four pullets and an Easter Egger cockerel in the triangle tractor ... just not who I thought!  Beardie is now growing a couple of sickle feathers and a comb.  Beardie is also not a Spangled Russian Orloff as I thought, since his legs and feet are now more of a greenish-slate color, and he is only muffed and not truly bearded.  My neighbor Maria had mentioned that if any in the triangle was a cockerel, it would be Beardie, but all the rest of the chicks were pullets.

The good news is that we have an Easter Egger cockerel to perpetuate the fun blue eggs in the laying flock.  The downside is Beardie will certainly not be going broody.  The take-away lesson here is I certainly need to train my eye more!  I was so certain Beardie was a she.  Keeping chickens keeps you humble.
suddenly, Beardie looks masculine

Beardie and Penny, whom I originally thought a cockerel

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