29 January 2015

Cleaning the chick brooder tubs

So here I am, literally shoveling (*excrement*) out in the shed.  Other than the minor annoyance of having grabbed the wrong shovel - the narrow tree hole digging shovel - I was wondering briefly just why.  I certainly cannot be the only person the have ever wondered, "Why am I shoveling (*excrement*)?" while dumping shovelfuls into the muck bucket.

Of course, the answer quickly followed my question.  It is the same reason I scoop out the cat's litterbox.  I very much enjoy having the little monsters around.  Let's face it, the brooder tubs are about as close to being housebroken as my chicks will get.

I do look forward to when the chicks are feathered enough to move out into tractors, and the tubs come out of the shed to air out as the shed also airs out ... that will last about 8 weeks though.  I already have an order for new chicks shipping out of Missouri on April 13th.

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Anonymous said...

Someone is chick-addicted! LOL