10 January 2016

Pepper seeds planted

Hubby grabbed his digicam instead of hunting down a notebook and pen, so here are some planting notes:

  • Home Farmer "Classic hot" jalapeno peppers for hubby's scrambled eggs.  I still cannot eat jalapenos at all.
  • Ferry-Morse "Latin Flavors" pasilla bajo peppers ... fully ripened and dried, these make the BEST barbecue sauces.  They rock in enchilada sauce as well.
  • Ferry-Morse Cubanelle sweet peppers.  Note on back says great for frying, which I interpret as fajita peppers.  I'll be experimenting on the pick green versus ripened to red difference.
  • American Seed Marconi Red Italian sweet pepper.  I'll need to see how it stacks up to the Carmen sweet pepper from the other year, which I have not been able to find in seed or start since 2013 spring.  I may still  have some seeds from then, but last year when I tried planting some I failed.
  • Burpee Tangerine Dream sweet pepper.  Short blurb on back says great fresh or pickled, so I think it may be comparable to banana peppers.
  • Ferry-Morse Grand Bell pepper, mixed colors.  Everyone needs some bell peppers, especially now we have the recipe for sweet-and-sour from the 1968 Betty Crocker book.
I had a very pleasant birthday yesterday, and hubby took me up to Leo's for lunch, then we pillaged Wal-Mart to score seed starting trays and some more seeds, plus peeked in on TSC (needed a new bag of bunny chow) and Home Depot but neither has the spring gardening section set up yet.

Chicks are now hatching in rapid succession in the incubator, starting at zero-dark-thirty this morning.

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