28 January 2016

Setting eggs in incubator

Here I go, again ... wait, that sounds almost like a song.  LOL  Setting eggs in the incubator again.  This time I collected eggs from Azar and the Pretties (as in last hatch) and Spikey and the Broilers, which include a couple eggs from Feyd's daughter Bertha now, also.  The Pretties finished up the collection period with a bang this morning, so that bumped two Meaties eggs out of the turner.
41 eggs to be set in incubator

42 big fat Wyandotte and half-Wyandotte eggs
I discovered I can only set 41 eggs unless I am hatching little Silkie eggs - the larger Wyandotte eggs get stuck up against the motor housing and keep the first tray from rolling forward freely.  Ah well.  It started raining again, so I am not going outside to snag up a Silkie egg that will need time to dry before I can wipe off the sand and other shtuff.  It is plugged in and started.

Unless something goes wrong, I should have new chicks in three weeks!

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