17 January 2016

Planting again and great auction results

According to my "planting by the signs" resources, today is another good day to condemn ... er, plant more seeds, so I put in 18 seeds for Pak Choi, 18 seeds for "Top Seven" turnip greens, and 36 seeds for Anaheim peppers, which if successfully grow make great seasoning for hubby's chili and go well with pasilla peppers to make enchilada sauce.  This tray is marked with a packet of yellow mustard on the left, and placed on top of the back refrigerator.
Pak choi cabbage, top seven turnip greens, and anaheim peppers
Now, for the results of last evening's livestock auction, where I took in Silkie Boy and six laying hens: Beetle, Blackie, Greyscale, Funky, Little Girl, and one of the Pretties whose comb leader goes straight back instead of curving to follow the skull line.  Apparently, this is THE time of year to sell layers!  Holy cow ... ok, no cows went through the auction but a bunch of potbelly pigs went so cheap I was sorely tempted.  Blackie, Beetle, and Greyscale went for $19 each.  Funky and Little Girl went for $21 each ... and the Pretty went for $23.  Silkie Boy only brought $5, but the girls more than made up for him.  Greyscale even laid an egg before the auction started.  I think I have now broke even on the auction idea, overall.

I did not bring home any new critters, but I did snag two dozen duck eggs to try out ... lovely huge yolks that fry up nice and dippy.  Hubby likes, plus if Muscovy ducks really do taste like grass fed beef, I see a duck pond and ugly ducks in our future.

I also brought home some new plants: two lemongrass and two Japanese Maple hibiscus, which are edible as well as cool looking.  They can also be used for tea, and is the exotic flavoring on our favorite meade, Viking Blood.  I think if there is a plant I could love, it may just be hibiscus.  Pics when it warms back up, as the new plants are in the greenhouse up against the south wall of the house.  Someone has let one of y'all's cold fronts wander too far south today!  It was ten degrees warmer before the sun came up.

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