08 January 2016

The bunnies

The picture issue is resolved!  Now, for the anxiously-awaited bunny pics:
all 3 rabbits, in the cage

Brooke, somewhat Rex-furred part-Lop?
Her right ear always sticks out to the side

Gracie, all black probably Mini Rex
Brooke is the chow-hound extraordinaire ... if it's rabbit food, she's all about it.  She's now tolerating me petting her ... a little.  She certainly was not raised up as a pet bunny.

Gracie so far seems to be the most accustomed to being handled, and is beginning to act like she enjoys when I rub her head in between her ears.  She's pretty food-motivated as well.

George tolerates being petted, but he is much more about the food than the attention.  He also looks a LOT happier with companions.  He had been flipped his food dish and even using it as a litter box before I brought the two girls home.

Now my sister and Tammy can see the bun-buns.

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