20 January 2016

Caponizing 0 for 3

So, I decided to brave the cold and caponize this morning.  Out of three, I have two slips and one pullet.  The pullet now has a nice red bracelet to identify her, and was truly a surprise pullet.  I had thought I might have two pullets in the cockerel tractor, but when I went to look over the weekend, I could only see one (who now needs a red bracelet and web snip to identify her) and not this one.  She certainly has good size to her.

I have four in isolation for tomorrow morning, which is forecast to be warmer than this morning was, with its noticeable frost.  Friday is supposed to be warmer still, but also a high chance of thunderstorms and rain.  Then it will get windy, and get cold again ... winter in the deep south.

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