13 January 2016

Nothing cuter than new chicks

Right now, there is simply nothing cuter here on the property than the newly hatched Silkie and Wyandotte chicks.  That may change when I breed the bunnies, or it may change when I get my goat and her kids ... or the chicks may just set the standard for cuteness that high.  A couple pics of the babies with their mothers and foster mothers.
chicks peeking out from under the Silkie pullets

a small group of Wyandotte chicks
I know both sister and Tammy have expressed a desire to see more pictures, and sister specifically mentioned the fix of the pic issue when she called for my birthday.  Of course, what was really fun was brother's reaction when he googled up what blue Silkies are supposed to look like ... one of the few times I have wished for a video phone since I'd loved to have seen his facial expression.  It probably looked similar to Dad's when he visited in October and saw my "furry" chickens for the first time.

I have decided to sell a few layers on Saturday at the livestock auction.  We are up to our ears in eggs, and not all the hens are laying yet.  So Greyscale (won't stay in the enclosure or out of my garden beds!), Funky (don't need the temptation to breed her with that funky comb), and Beetle and Blackie will go up for auction.  I'll take Silkie Boy also, as I am now certain I have at least one black Silkie cockerel.

Hubby counted up the chickens yesterday, and with this weekend's hatch we are at 108 chickens on the property.  Add in twelve guineas and three rabbits ....

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