01 January 2016

Pictures from 2015

the "Star Trek" killer aloe in bloom

Tiny, from early spring

another pic of Tiny, from spring

smoked salmon and a sweet potato on the grill

Feyd and the Big Butt Girls

coop repair, all hardware cloth

coop repair, from the side

roof replacement on the banty house

detail of the nest box roof replacement

a smoked cull cockerel

young smoked cull cockerel in the big crock pot

hubby's pink nosed monster, Little Bit

cat on the windowsill

George the bunny

Brother, Feyd's crossbreed son

Brother's nice broad breasts (5 months at slaughter)

George on the grass

George the black otter colored looks-like a Mini Rex

stuffed slip at ten months

Bigfott, the one grow out cockerel from October hatch

Pollux the nanny capon

closeup of Bigfoot

Pollux's shiny tail feathers

Pollux the chick nanny

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