16 January 2016

Meet Bigfoot

So, I was outside just a few minutes ago, watching the cockerels from the October hatch, and the choice cockerel I've nicknamed Bigfoot was beautifully obvious in the bunch: he was strutting, shining in the morning sunlight with his tail feathers spread wide looking big and impressive.  I had the thought, "If I can catch him real quick, then I can mark his comb with some Blu-Kote so we can tell him easily in the dark ..."  And I did, and Bigfoot was not exactly happy about the situation.  As I walked him back towards the enclosure, I had another thought (two in one morning!) and called to hubby to bring out my camera and get a couple pics of Bigfoot with me holding him for scale.  Remember, this fella hatched out on October 19th, which makes him all of 13 and a half weeks old right now.
Bigfoot's flight feathers are growing in uneven, but the color is THERE

front view of Bigfoot, with his tail spread showing

Bigfoot hatched on October 19th, making him on 13-1/2 weeks old
If Bigfoot grows to fit those clod-hopping feet of his, he will be huge!  He has consistently been one of the top three cockerels by weight, and the only one of the three with huge feet so I've known which one he is for a while now, and have been keeping my eye on him looking for a fault egregious enough to warrant caponizing.  So far, he has not shown me any reason to caponize him, so he'll be the lucky cockerel who gets to grow out as a cockerel from this hatch.  The October hatch were from Tiny and the Flashy Girls.

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