30 January 2016

Some pics of the guineas

As y'all may recall, I sold three guineas earlier this month, so we are down to twelve - five pearls and seven lavenders.  Hubby had the camera the other day, and got some nice pics of the constantly-moving monsters.
guineas' funny faces

guineas waiting at the fence for food

a pearl guinea posing
The guineas have the amusing habit of suddenly making a bunch of noise as they sprint around the enclosure.  Sometimes one or a couple will fly, and end up on the outside of the enclosure and then be unable to figure out how to get back in.  Then the whole bunch will run another lap, with the ones on the outside bouncing against the netting and sometimes the ones on the inside bouncing against the netting.  I guess they are lucky we don't have the fence turned on during the day!  We've been letting them out between morning and afternoon feeding times, and they seem to appreciate the opportunity to stretch their legs and wings daily.  They are also a little less annoying with the noise when they get their exercise time.

I'll still be glad when hubby gets the goat shed/guinea pen/rabbit cabinet area built in the back.

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